About Me

This is me.  No make up, stretch pants and cooking, this is a typical day in the life of me.

This is my husband Jake and I around the time we met.  Where did we met you ask?  A bar.

I originally wanted to start a blog because, I wanted to document my life.  I wanted to be honest and tell it how it is.  I swear people make things out to be better than they really are. 

For an example having a baby is the most painful thing I have ever experienced.  No one could have ever prepared me for the pain (profound), the pushing (almost three hours) and the recovery (around ten months).  All worth it though.  I did start this blog around the time my little girl turned one, same time she started sleeping through the night.  My biggest regret is not blogging sooner.


I really wish I would of had my sh*t together enough to document my first year of marriage and my pregnancy, but it was pretty stressful.  Our first year of marriage involved putting everything we owned, including all of our sweet wedding gifts in a storage unit, we moved into the upstairs of my grandma's house to save money to buy our first home.  I was a new nurse working twelves at a level two trauma center and commuting an hour to and from work every day.  I became pregnant and puked every day for the first six months of my pregnancy. 

We bought our first home in July of 2009.  We moved in all by our selves, the weekend of the fourth...I was seven months pregnant and it was 90 degrees. 

I tried to go back to work full time, commuting, breastfeeding but that didn't work out too well for us as a family.  I worked every weekend from February until June, not having any days together with my husband.  I finished my contract and got a per diem (on call) position at a small community hospital closer to home.  I was so sleep deprived and never saw my husband, as Sawyer was a fussy little baby who wanted to nurse every two hours and sleep with us in our bed.  Looking back I wonder how we did it?

Now, I am a part time nurse, part time stay at home mommy, this really is the perfect combo.  I am so lucky to have a beautiful house, husband and stunning baby girl named Sawyer Jean.  I have everything I have ever wanted and am truly happy.  I have worked so hard to get where I am in life, without asking for help (I am a DIY girl in every aspect) and now I am just trying to relax and enjoy the ride.