Thursday, November 1, 2012

37 weeks and counting.....

Sometime this month, we are having a baby boy.
Still have so much to do.
Sawyer was a cupcake for Halloween.
Right now she is naked, with purple marker all over the belly, having a picnic with Brodie in the middle of the living room using a blanket I just washed.  And guess who doesn't care?  Ok, my right eye is twitching a little. 
She also decided that naps are a thing of the past, three weeks before I deliver. 
Here is her spooky face!
 37 weeks.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dresser for free!!


Latest project, found for free.  It has really good bones.  Might end up going in Sawyer's room though and not the baby's since, Sawyer has more clothes then the entire house hold. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top ten baby boy and girl names......of all time or at least today

Good old Ree at Pioneer Women inspired me to compile a list of my top ten baby boy and baby girl names. You can see hers HERE and HERE.  I about peed myself at work yesterday, when I asked someone what the date was and they replied, the 22nd.  OK I will be honest at first I didn't believe them nor did I pee, instead I went to my locker to fetch my watch (that has the date) and it was true August 22, 2012.....then I peed.  As for my due date is November 22 (at the latest) and that only leaves me approximently three month (maybe) to get my shit act together, and picking a baby name is part of it.

TOP TEN BABY BOY NAMES, for now.  (I'm not going to lie, I might have left one name in particular off the list until, oh I don't know late November.)

1.) Seth
Love this name for many obvious reasons.  The most important being, it starts with S and it's my baby brother name.  I love it more now for how just a great uncle he has become.  It is strong and not very common, all that is very important in a name. 
2.) Shilas
The son on Weeds.  It starts with S.  Just a rocking name in general. 
3.) Henry AKA "Hank"
Love me some good old fashion Henry, don't you?  Strong but yet really sweet and tender.  And you can have a beer with Hank.
4.) Graham
Asolutely love this name, because I can't possible think of one person I know named Graham.
5.) Jenstead or Jens
My dear Grandma's maiden name, which I just adore.  I love love love Jens for a boy.  Done done and done.
6.) Bingham
This is a fricking cute name, especially the nickname Bing.  Kate Hudson named her latest son this and I just can't get enough. 
7.) Angus
The lead guitarist in AC/DC. 
8.) Gunnar
I feel like this name is a family name as well, Gunhild, Gunda and I love it.  I just hate how popular Hunter, Fisher, and Parker have become.  And just because my husband likes guns, doesn't mean that is why we like the name Gunnar. 
9.) Edmond
One of the son's on The Notebook my all time favorite movie of all time.  Too bad Twilight kind of ruined it for me with the team Edward crap.  Sturdy name.  No one would have it either.  This name just makes my heart melt.  This is also my mom's maiden names witout an (s) Edmonds. 
10.) Jonas
The son on Sleepless in Seattle.  I can just hear Tom Hanks saying his name right now.  And I like that it's kind of a girl name for a guy.  That's what I'm talking about. 

TOP TEN BABY GIRL NAMES, as of today.  Make that 11, since number one is already taken by the most beautiful baby girl I know. 

1.) Sawyer Jean
2.) Drew
Already have a nickname, Drewberry.  LOVE IT.
3.) Brielle
A combination between my mom's middle name Louise and Brian (step dad).  Love this combo.
4.) Etta
Old school
5.) Wren
The spelling of this name just grabs my attention.  Not sure what it means or where I heard it but I love it. 
6.) Collette
Well my maiden name is Coleman and I just think for as feminine of a name it is very strong and unique. 
7.) Oliv (Olive)
Reminds me a little of Popeye but I think if used with the right baby, it would make a quite lovely adult female name as well.
8.) Charlotta
I have a cousin Charlotta and she makes the name.  No one has it and you could call her Charlie.
9.) Margaret
My grandma's friend Maragaret.  Lots of nicknames with this one.  Old fashion, rich, beautiful, love.
10.) Agnes
I'd have to call her Aggy.  Oldie but a goodie.
11.) Simone
If I have a third child and could convince my hubby on this one.....we would have it made.

Hope you enjoyed my baby names as much as I did. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We are making progress...

I think I am about 26 weeks tomorrow.  With Sawyer I knew to the day how preggers I was.  This pregnancy, I just kind of round to the nearest week or say well I'm due in November. 

I finally have started to prepare for baby boy number two.  I bought a box of diapers at costco (size 1-2).  I have been seriously researching cloth diapers, that blog post is still in the works.  I ordered my way too expensive diaper bag and it came today and I still feel guilty about it.  It sure is cute though, I am so glad it came with a long strap. 

I got also purchased a used crib mattress, since the crib mattress we used for Sawyer is on her toddler bed (that she never sleeps in) for only $20.  I also bought a new mattress cover for cheap at a consignment shop....I actually went to three in one day.

Rumple New Skins in Pousblo
The Clothes Line in Silverdale
Bella Luna in Bremerton

I spent about $40, including the mattress cover with all the three stores combine.

I also got a cute giraffe and a small little globe for nursery decorations. 

Sawyer and I have been up to no good.  Jake gets home around four thirty and he always says, "Well, what did you guys do all day?"

Made mud pies in our underwear, duh?

They we took a three hour nap.....Geez it was pretty rough.

"Mama, you are having a boy, I'm having a guril and she will come out of the coochie."


Lunch with my babes at Lennerd K's.

Just another day in paradise.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

State Park

I had to pay ten bucks to visit my family (for a couple hours) at Belfair State Park....but it was totally worth it because I got some good pics. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby Boy or Number Two

I haven't done one single thing for this for planning, preparing, decorating ect.  I did take some infant boy onsies from Sawyer's preschool from the free bin but that is about it.  I even felt a little guilty about it, thinking we make a little too much money for free lunches and such.  I have a terrible cold and I know the only way to get better is "do nothing" expect roam the Internet and decorate the baby room in my head.  Even though we can't afford everything I want and we barely paid our mortgage this month, it's still fun to dream.  I wish I could make a collage all fancy like, but I am not the best with computers.  So here is the what's been going on in my head the last couple days.  I plan to decorate the room around this adorable bedding.   

Any ideas for a rug or another color to throw in there?  I want to make a mobile too.

Something like this, what do you think?  I have some old drift wood from the ocean, and an abundance of fishing line.

I plan on putting this picture on the wall.

This is one of my besties (Sarah B.) photos and I plan on putting it in a big chunky frame.

A cute lamp, that is way too expensive.

Land of Nod

Goodwill I am sure has a cheaper lamp, I could paint and re do the wiring (even though I don't know how).

Land of Nod

I like these curtains, but am thinking I could get cheaper ones (IKEA) and I think that would be a little too matchy with the crib bedding.  I like white curtains, to let a little light in.  Maybe I could add some ball fringe.  I saw this done somewhere and of course I didn't save it.   

Land of Nod

I love love love this ceiling light fixture.

I even think I finally decided on a diaper bag....

One sale for $92, and I am getting a 20% off coupon.  Score. 

What do you think mom.....??? 

I am still taking suggestions for another color to add some pop and I would really like to get a rug but am too scared to be mixy matchy while making it still look good. 

It's a start....oh I almost forgot paint colors....

One of these beautiful colors.

I also have Jake's old stuffed animals from when he was a kid, I plan on shelving somehow. 

We also have a pair of antlers, needing a good home.

Too much, Nah.

And only 18 weeks to finish.

Ready, set, go....I wish it was that easy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

My ideal labor

Even though, I lucked out and birthed a healthy beautiful baby girl, something just didn't sit right with the whole experience.  To this day it was probably one of the best and worst days of my life, if that makes sense?  I didn't do much research, I just planned to poop her out with no drugs just like my mom did me.  But after having contrations every eight minutes three days prior to actually going into active labor and being overdue, I started the whole process very tired.  Back labor didn't help the situation and after laboring at the hospital for quite sometime, I agreed to an epidural.  Even with the epidural I still had pain, a foley cathedar (that to this day, I believe caused me some urinary incontinence issues), an internal monitor for the baby and contractions (since Sawyer was sunny side up, they had a hard time finding a heart rate) and not to mention an 18 gauge IV in the left thumb (that caused some significant pain).  I also developed an allergy to the tape on my back from the epidural and had some serious itching going on.  It totally sucked.  In addition to checking me every hour during a contraction, which I remember to this day the pain it caused.  And after have no change after an hour with epidural they turned the lights off and told me to get some rest.  What, rest? Are they out of their minds?  I wanted to have a baby.  I remember seriously asking if they could please removed all of these cords and I would just push the baby out.  Then finally I was told I was a ten, little did I know that laying flat on my back, in the most unnatural position in the world, I'd have to push for 2 hours and 48 minutes.  While my nurse kept taking pee breaks and leaving me, my mom and husband to do the pushing.  It was quite awful and brings tears to my eyes while typing.  I also had family outside waiting which only added pressure, and I also had a terrible nursing student, but I was too naive to ask her to leave.

She was quite adorable when I first laid eyes on her.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs and had beautiful color and hot pink lips that my husband and I will never forget.  I remember I was starting to get so sick just holding her, her first minutes of life.  Then after being stitched up like a rag doll, I was too sick to do anything.  I felt like I was going to die.  I was freezing cold, nauseated to death and kept dry heaving into a pink emesis basin.  While everyone was enjoying our new baby I was told to stay in bed, in missery.  I demanded a hot shower because I was freezing and sick and they wouldn't let me.  Finally when I had a chance I walked to the bathroom, barely, and remember feeling so awful like death runned over....a nice nurse brought me hot blankets and I just sat on the toilet.  I would say I was sick like this for an hour, pretty much thought I was dying.  It finally passed but that wasn't how I had planned to spend Sawyer's first hours of life.  There were several other incounters with nurses that weren't so great.  I honestly don't really remember a nice comment, whatsoever.  I remember peeing right away and no nurse would believe me.  She felt my right rib cage and told me that was my bladder.  Too bad I had already peed like a milion times, and that wasn't my bladder.  I was also in significant pain and never got any pain meds.  Finally at discharge, the nurse said, "Can't you just take some motrin when you get home?"  Besides my epidural, I didn't have not one pain med given to me after my vagina ripping to my butt.  I remember just trying to smile to all my visitors but I was in so much pain.  It hurt to sit, walk, move and breath.  This time I am bring tylenol, motrin, aleve and I am planning to sit on a bobby pillow. 

Quite the experience.  I am nervous but do feel like I have the knowledge this time to make the experience better.  I hired a doula, a sweet gal so pretty and regular, she actually went to high school with me.  She has also had two babies natural which totally makes me love her more.  I want to have my hubby there for sure.  Maybe my mom, I would love to have Sawyer there too but she is quite the busy little girl.  And my mom plans on taking Sawyer for that night.  If you are interested in hiring a doula and/or placenta encapsulation.  This is her WEBSITE.

I have done all my homework and read the Birth Partner, Ina May's Guide, among others.  I also plan on watching, The buisness of Being Born, when I can get my hands on a copy.

Is it too much to ask for to look like this.......during labor?

And labor in a tub like this.......

While watching the Notebook....

While someone gives me sips of ice cold cranberry juice.

I don't think so.