Monday, November 28, 2011

We have been busy....

Sorry about not blogging more...I have around 100 views of my blog daily.  And since I don't get many comments, I only have six follows, and I know my mom (mt biggest fan) checks my blog every single day, and I swear I don't track my own page views....I am wondering who reads my blog...?  We anyways, here is to the 93 random people viewing my blog every day.  Seriously, if I could just make one person's day better, I be happy.....but 93.  That is astounding. 

Sawyer had her two year old check up and is going to be 6'6'' when she stops growing.  Me and Jake have been giving her coffee, every day in her sippy cup ever since.  I so should have smoked during my pregnancy.

We have gone legumes, no dairy, no sugar and no wheat....I know right?

Sawyer was a strawberry for Halloween.

We went to the pumpkin patch in the rain......Sawyer absolutely loved it and she was such a good girl...

Roche Harbor, longest travel time thus far....

Sawyer had a pink horse pinata for her second birthday...

I went back to school.  I have seven classes to get my get my BSN.

We got an awesome swing set and Jake and I, with SJ's help, build from scratch. (Thanks to Aunt Judi!)

We put up over 1000 white lights....on our cedar fence.  This is our third Winter in our house and the first year we have done lights.  I only got shocked once, in the thigh by a cracked light.  "Babe, it's only 110 volts, you will be fine."  This gives me way more sympathy when I cardiovert patients in the ER.  The hair on my arms was standing up all night.

Sawyer would rather play in boxes then with her five million toys. 

She is doing really good right now (behavior wise) sleeping in her big girl bed, still wakes up when she hears daddy leave for work, then cuddles with mom until we decide to get out of bed. 
She loves the move Rio right now, sings the song all the time, tonight she brought the ripped cover from the DVD to bed with her. 

She kisses us so good and gives us a long smooches while holding our faces, she freaks out when either one of us come home.  She loves feeding Brodie dog treats and eating half of them for herself.  She know everything.  She is so smart, she can even open the fridge now.....

I went to my first Seahawks game, was pretty cool, even though we lost. 

I think that about catches you up.

OH and I almost forgot, we are adopting.....we are very excited to expand our
family.  Her name is Molly, she's five.

Here is a picture of us on Thanksgiving.  So thankful for all I have in my life. 

And here is a picture of Molly.  Gotcha..

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dentist Appointment

SAWYER did so amazing today.  I have no complaints.  She was such a good girl.  We took her to the dentist, she went once when she turned one.  But she recently turned two and was due for an appointment.  I was personally dreading it, I hated the dentist as a child and still hate it as an adult.  They got us right in and she did great.  Got a sticker, new toothbrush and floss.  She sat in the chair all by herself, we played a little while waiting for the doctor.  Sunglasses, blowing up a glove, and a head mirror can buy a mom and a two year old a lot of time. She also slide down the chair, like it was a slide.  Then she sat in the chair all by herself and let the doctor look at her teeth and paint some fluoride on her teeth as well.  Usually I would sit in the chair and hold her.  They said that she did wonderful and her teeth looked awesome.  Good spacing and the perfect over bite.  They said that never happens with two year olds.  Her top two year molars are in and the bottom are still trying to come in.  I am so relieved.  She hates getting her teeth brushed.  I usually straddle her and brush her teeth, while she screamed bloody murder.  Guess it paid off.  I am so proud of her, things are starting to get so much easier with her.  And she doesn't have to go until she turns three.  This is one proud mama.  We went and saw Grandpa 's to celebrate.  She was just smiling in the car.  I just kept telling her how proud I was of her and how well she did.  She was smiling but trying to hide it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My baby girl turned two today..

.....and I kissed her right at 12:48.  I can't believe it.  I love her so much.  Yesterday she pooped, in her diaper and some how managed to wipe it on her face, like warrior paint or hunting camo or to keep the sun out of her eyes.  Who knows?  Then day before that she poop and nice little log and brought it to me in the palm of her hand.  That got me out of bed.  She loves to hold my hand, while I'm driving, until my arm goes numb.  She loves to feed Brodie he dog treats, she also like eating dog food, she sneaks a handful and munches on it just like if it were gold fish crackers.  She climbs on everything.  She likes to pinkie promise, like on the movie Despicable Me.  She like to do snow angels on the carpet.  She like to put on my makeup and wake around the house in my high heels.  But she has no problem, jumping on daddy Bear rug or touching a freshly shot deer.  She loves to dance and sign.  She especially likes when the animal rescue commercials come on with all the dogs and .."in the eye of an angel" plays, she stops dead in her tracks every time.  Sings, points to the dogs, and sways back and forth.  She gives Grandpa, or Paw a peace sign when we leave.  We play the blinking game, like every day.  She loves to cuddle and sleep in our bed.  She loves to brush my hair. 
pumpkin patch 2011, yes we took her in the rain.
wow she actually smiled.
eating some red velvet cake at Zach and Ellie's wedding.