Saturday, July 30, 2011

Map Art

*old chunky frame - check
*light blue construction paper - check
*heart puncher thingy - check
*glue - check
*old WA state map (from the trailer) - check

it's new replace my flower mirror, since i can't have two mirrors in one room.

i think it looks quite lovely here.


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Friday, July 29, 2011

What you missed this week

1.)  photos at penny's complete....after an hour wait arriving ten mins early to a noon appt. with no nap.  let's just say Sawyer had two melt downs and mommy had one panic attack...sweat...tears from both of us...bare feet running down isles...and stroller that kept flipping on it's back (dumping the diaper bag and my purse contents on the ground) package of gold fish crackers dumped on the ground by the queen herself....a lady at the store even tried to hold sawyer (while i picked out photos) and play with her....but she kindly handed her back to me....and said sorry.  maybe that's why i kept putting off getting her 18 month photos?.....she is over 20 months time i will bring help..why can't i be more like Michelle Duggar? she is pretty much my idol and no i'm not joking. 

2.) three great garage sale finds a package deal of $5. pink converse....yellow boots and vintage pyrex...i'm pretty sure it rains these things in heaven.

2b.)  a sneak peek at a ridiculously cute pair of yellow boots...

3.)  someone burglarized our house....look at these awful photos

not really.  this is just want happens with a daddy working 6 tens a week, an almost two year old who rules the roost and a mommy who also works and who also sometimes boycotts cleaning. 

p.s. our new favorite show is monster's loves kitty and boo and scares jake and i with roars and monster claws! oh and yes i am one of those awful mothers who lets there child watch tv and eat in the living room. so sue me.  the real reason i posted my messy house is to make y'all feel better about're welcome.

4.) day at the lake with my brother and crab for delish

5.)  three new fabrics from Joann's..burlap, yellow tulle, and a sweet new print

6.)  sawyer's latest things is out stretched arms and "HUG" it is so precious

7.)  i'm going back to school people so watch out!  maybe i will eventually learn how to spell. also might become a personal trainer in the near future, that'd be pretty awesome.

8.) there were highs and low in our week...mainly highs.  but you have to have bad days to know what the good days are all about and life is too short to have a clean house people.

9.) so much to do before next week...holy heck.

10.)  oh yeah...ten year high school reunion next year....the depression has already set in...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby's first bee sting...

Sawyer went to a purple tutu party for a friend of the family, who turned three, last weekend, she had a ball. Jake and I, not so much.  Instead of being a sweet little princess girl with painted finger nails and bows in her hair. She climbed trees, bruised up her knees, dug for potato bugs, climbed a fence and ran into the street, several times. Meanwhile, Jake and I were trading Sawyer duties, trying to enjoy our selves at the party.  We are always so excited for family/friend functions but then realize when we get there, were rarely get to enjoy our selves, just get sweaty chasing around Bean and don't really get to socialize or eat good potluck for that matter.  While we watch other kids just stand around and not get dirty, and there must of been like 15 kids all pretty young.  Just lay a blanket down sprinkle some cheerios and they baby's content for hours.  Not Sawyer.  So frustrating.  She is making me a better person everyday, that is for sure. 

Notice the tree in the left of the picture, that's the one she kept climbing, no matter how many times we told her no.  Yep that's the fence she snuck out under.  Just ran right into the road, no big deal.  Do you think we got one family picture together?  Nope no time for that, don't even have time to think about it with Sawyer.  Poor Jake gets more stressed out then I do.  He kept saying, "five more minutes, babe."  Finally I couldn't take it anymore, I took her for a drive around the block hoping she'd fall asleep.  And all I could think about was.  Does she have ADD?  Maybe I should make a doctor appointment and get her checked out.  Honestly, I was trying hard not to cry at this point.  We can't take her anywhere.  She is so hard.  All the other babies, just stand in one spot and don't move.  My mom, my brother, my husband were all like let's go.  Sawyer's is so busy.  Seriously I love her to death and wouldn't change a thing but she hasn't been the easiest child to deal with.  Ever since I became pregnant, felt her kick all the time.  Was sick the majority of my every day for six months.  Other friends I worked with were pregnant always said how they wanted to check fetal heart tones, because they never felt there babies move.  Oh and labor...that was just a joyous experience too...contractions started on a Sunday afternoon, every eight minutes, not very painful but no sleep at all...went to the hospital Monday night because they started hurting like a son of a BEEP...didn't have her until Tuesday afternoon after three hours of pushing.  Then she never slept at all.  I see my friends babies and how easy they are, just fall asleep in my arms.  Sleep through the night.  Not Sawyer made me quit my full-time job for Christ's sake.  No one can handle watching her.  Honestly, I never let anyone watch her because I knew they would get frustrated and probably throw her out a window.  So I just loved her, gave her everything she could possibly want.  Even I couldn't make her comfortably at times, she looked so miserable.  Diagnosed with reflux, four months later.. I did want I had to do to get through it.  Wouldn't have changed a thing.
I do get jealous reading other mommy blogs, how perfectly and easy motherhood has treated them.  Lots of cute pictures and projects.  I feel like Jake and I are pretty laid back people.  She isn't bad, she is actually really smart and advanced for her age. She Always scores 100% on the exams at the doctors.  Learns something new every day.  But getting her to sleep, eat, follow directions, hasn't been the easiest task.   She gets it, eventually.  I am a firm believer on letting her be a kid too.  Saying no all day long, just not for me.  I like redirecting.  I see babies come to the ER and sleep through rectal temperatures and IV insertions.  I honestly can say I could rarely could put Sawyer down if she fell asleep in my arms, she would always wake up.  Brushing her teeth is a wrestling matching and hysterical tears every single night.  I just recently was able to carry her out of her car seat asleep and lay her down in her room for a nap.  She was very difficult.  Gets easier every day.  All my friend's kids are so mellow compared to Sawyer.  It really is frustrating.  I wonder all the time if I am doing things right?  Jake wants to have another baby, and I am so selfish.  Awesome outcome beautiful healthy baby girl, don't get me wrong.  But not sleeping for honestly a year (that's how long it took).  Being so sick for the majority of pregnancy.  Having to bite my tongue when family and friend say things like...."you just need to get out,  she needs daycare"  or just refuse to respect our decisions as parents.  We seriously shut out the world when Sawyer entered our lives.  I chose her on the weekends and my husband, I could care less about going out to concerts or bars.  Forgive me for wanting to be with my child.  I won't look back and regret a thing.  I have all of our bar stools in the hallway, because she climbs on them and winds up on the kitchen counters.  I have nothing on any end tables or coffee tables because she would throw a picture or dump a plant.  I envy my girlfriend's that actually have decorations in their living rooms.  Potty training, so hard.  That's a whole other blog post.

She even got stung by a bee today and didn't even cry.  Thank god she didn't have a reaction, that was her first bee sting.  I carry benedryl around, just in care, that's the ER nurse in me.  I feel a little better venting my frustrations as a mother.  Deciding what to write and discuss on my blog is hard sometimes.  I want to keep things light and simple and classy but sometimes, the truth just need to be told.  Thanks for reading if you are still with me.

Here is a sneak peek at Sawyer's new dresser....

Decided to go with white.

  Strawberry contact paper, which I love.  Got at McClendon's for $3 something.  I'm not going to lie, it was a b*tch laying it. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our front door

Summer is already here.  We wanted it to come and now it's half over already.   Here are some pics of my latest wreath.  I got that tiny wreath at a garage sale for .50 cents. 

Already had felt.  I'm pretty sure everyone already knows how to make felt rosettes, so I won't reinvent the wheel aka wreath tutorials.  I just like seeing pictures of different color combos and new inventive wreath ideas. 

We got that milk bottle crate at an antique store a while back for $5.00.  If you are wondering what to do with an old crate.  Just put it on it sides and put a flower pot with hanging flowers on it. 

Those flowers sure took off didn't they?  And to the left a blueberry bush we plan to plant in memory of my Grandma who passed away this year.  Every time Sawyer is on the front porch, she peeks into the bird house and says, "ooh bird". 

They have grown so much since then....

That's what a little miracle grow will do for you....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Laundry Room

I love my laundry room.  It's probably my favorite room in the house.  I painted it yellow.  If you didn't know what my favorite color's yellow.  I got a sweet mirror with hooks at a garage sale for $3.00 and I just wanted to share it with y'all. 

I love it.  The color is a little bit darker than our trim, but I don't care it goes perfectly.  It literally kicked my butt while I attempted hanging the darn thing.  I picked screws that fit in the holes, but didn't fit when I needed to hang it straight on, I had to tilt it.  So second set of screws I needed dry wall screws.  Sawyer was helping me.  I was sweating and cussing up a storm.  The whole rest of the day she was walking around saying..."mutha footka".  I'll let you figure that one out. 

I would love to find some sweet vintage sheets and make a curtain over the shelf above the washer and dryer. 

Notice I didn't paint the ceiling yellow.  I like white ceilings...would love crown molding some day.  But I am not an over achiever and if it's not broke, I don't fix it.  Check out how I made the yellow flower mirror HERE.  It will now need a new home since I have my new mirror.  Two mirrors in a small laundry room is a little much, don't you think?

This is the greatest idea since....tampons.  I really doesn't splash.  I am waiting for Costco to carry it,  so I can buy two huge bottles of if at once and for cheaper.  I am addicted to cleaning and love bleach for my whites and to clean my toilet bowls.  I know this sounds strange but having two huge bottles of bleach is almost more important than having a gallon of milk in the fridge.  And I have many of favorite t-shirts, that have bleach splatters...but not with this stuff.  It's heavenly. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sawyer and I make a chocolate cake for Bompa! (out of the box of course)

The Sawyer show, she's my crazy girl and I love everything about her.  Even though she is hard and tests my patience every day, she is absolutely totally worth it!

Today was amazing, slept in.
Jake went and got coffee and McDonald's.
Mowed both yards, got some sun.
Jake weed whacked.
We laid more beauty bark.
We cleaned out the boat, Sawyer helped.
We cleaned the garage.
I pulled weeds.
Jake blew off the back porch.
Dang gardener snake, spooked me..Jake laughed...I screamed.
Five hours doing yard work....all worth it.
Dinner at brother dons....duh it's Sunday.
Seth gave me a lift on a dolly...tee hee.
Grandma gave SJ three dots, she put all of them in her mouth at once.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


So I really want to make our own head board.  Here are some pics that I love.

I have plans people, big plans....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sand Dollar

Things I want to do in the near future...
Go to the Olympia Game Farm (I've never been)
Take Sawyer on the Ferry (she's never been) and go to Seattle and maybe even the Aquarium...
Rent a house boat on Lake Roosevelt with people I love....
Go camping with the trailer just Jake and SJ.....
Take a nice hike/fishing trip with my loves....
Run a 5K...

Here's my latest project....

Cute right?  I put a some marbles in the bottom and put my makeup brushes in it...

Although I may get angry at times, I have no hatred toward those who know they hurt me.  It makes me a stronger person to not believe the lies and be in touch with more of myself and faith.  Forgiveness is my best trait; I choose to be happy and not have grudges toward others.  Forgetting is the hard part.  No more will I let people drag my heart around.

Can someone please buy me this kitchen for Sawyer?
It is to die for...only a measly $350.00 on sale?  Check out The Land of Nod.  It has the cutest things ever for kiddos. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Nancy

Today, my Grandma would have been 84.  Happy birthday!!  WE love and miss you so much, it hurts.
She is with her sweatheart now, they are probably camping somewhere.  Bingo scratch tickets, good homemade dinners, listening to ....."trailors for sale or rent"...watching Price is Right....
We toasted to her with some tequila rose!  It was her favorite night cap.