Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bug Museum

This is Sawyer our little mischievous child, that we love so much.  Her latest thing is, she tries to climb our bar stools, and whines up like this.

She will just sit there for minutes on end, until someone rescues her.  But today she mastered this task and is able to successfully climb onto our extra tall bar stools.  Just like a little toddler adult. 
Our days start about five am, around the time daddy has to get up for work.  She politely knocks on her door, I get up to rescue her.  We walk holding hands to my room.  She crawls into bed with mommy.  Saying, "down" meaning, up.  Usually with a "bebe", AKA binkie in her mouth.  She cuddles with me sometimes she goes back to sleep with me and we sleep in sometimes as late as 8:30 (theses days are rare but well deserved).  Then we watch "toons" (cartoons) in bed until one of us gets bored.  Breakfast, letting the dogs out together.  She scoops up a handful of dog food and throws it out the slider, which she can open if it's unlock.  She can also get into the pantry and help herself to snacks.  Cartoons she loves are; word world, curious george, martha speaks, sesame street, sid the sciend kid, and dinosaur train. 

If it's nice we play outside in her kiddy pool, while I pull weeds, do projects or just soak up some sun.  Or I just take a thousand pictures of her do this...

One day we turned the key on daddy's lawn mower and ran the battery dead...oops!
Then there is or typical naked top ramen lunch.  More noodles end up on the floor then in her mouth. 
After noon nap, awaking just in time for daddy to get home.  Today we went to the BUG MUSEUM.....
She liked the chalk board best, another reason I should paint a wall for her.
We came home with a free caterpillar, that will eventually turn into a butterfly.  (VALPAK, had a coupon.)
Check out their website HERE.
Open Daily 10-6, Free admission
1118 Charleston Beach Rd W, Bremerton, WA 98312
It was busy, lots of kiddos.

I wanted one of these, but didn't buy I'm trying to be good. $20.00 All recycled material, it's a butterfly house.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ocean Shores

We were long over due for a family vay cay, so we just booked the trip a couple weeks before Memorial Day weekend.  NO thinking or budgeting, we just needed to go.  We stayed at the Beachwood Resort five miles from Ocean Shores on Copalis Beach, it was pretty awesome. 

Sawyer loved it, we planned it perfect and she slept the whole way there.  Thanks to the four runner we only used 3/4 tank of gas too!  I took pictures of the place....

See the window above the bed....night two we got smart and thumb tacked blankets to cover the light.  (There's a street light directly out the window.)

For some reason, I didn't take pics of the living area or the kitchen?

Nice fence side yard, we so could have brought the dogs, they would have loved it.

Every time we picked Sawyer up, she'd cry...because she wanted to play.  Can you blame her?

Boogers and sand, nice combo.

It was an amazing trip.  Sawyer didn't sleep the first night, she was too excited.  All she wanted to do was play, the eye, ears, nose, head, chin game.  When we finally got her to sleep the second night, she rolled off the bed.  We had a nice seafood dinner out, pizza the second night.  Lots of good snacks in between.  Jake and I took turns going in the hot tub.  Jake clogged the toilet day one, had to ask management for a plunger.  Sawyer broke a plate.  We had great weather.  We watched a chain saw carving competition.  We made chicken broccoli dish, it stunk up the car.  We took a detour and stopped at the outlet malls in Centralia.  Sawyer loved it so much, she enjoyed sitting in the sand and just digging.  We had a great time as a family, just us, no stress.  A well deserved trip and plans to go back next Memorial Day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picasa...I'm in love with you.

Pretty sure this is the best computer program ever, but then again I don't get memo's on cool things until after the whole world already knows about them.  Check out Picasa HERE and Picnik HERE.  These are two really great editing programs for bloggers, especially the newbies, since I can figure them out. 

This is a picture of the sunsetting, the very first night we were at the ocean.  Stay tuned for our ocean trip details, pretty much the longest blog post ever, but I wanted to write about everything so I wouldn't forget it. 
Here is another picture I played with!  I love the bright colors. 
I love that my stamp is on the bottom!

P.S.  Thanks mom for keeping things in perpsective.  As usual you always make me feel better.  I love you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Olalla Valley Vineyards and Winery

Just wanted to share this diamond in the rough with everyone.  I recently attended my girlfriend Julie's shower here and fell in love with the place.  They are having an upcoming event  Saturday and Sunday July 23rd and 24th from 9a-4pm.  It a mult-vender antique/collectible and lavender sale. There will be an indoor bar and outside wine garden.  Hot dogs will also be sold and children are welcome.  It doesn't cost anything to come and it's way worth it just to look at everything.  The land is gorgeous.

 Check out their website here.

I cant wait to drag Jake and SJ here.  I plan on buying some of their Raspberry wine, so good and only $10.00 a bottle.

New Dresser Project

Finally I got my camera to upload pictures....camera cord still doesn't work but Luke taught me how to upload using my SD card....didn't even know my computer could do this. 

Check out this sweet antique dresser we found at Apple of God's Eye in Bremerton.  Jake and I spotted it one Sunday we were having breakfast at Big Apple Diner, but they were closed.  I went for a walk the other day from my mom's and feel in love with it for real.  It was priced at $59 but it was half off day.  So I got it for $30.  Brian let me borrow his electric sander, since I didn't get one for Easter. 

Isn't it just delicious?  I would have totally kept it this color, but it is rough around the edges.  So I have been sanding and sanding.  Not sure what color to paint it.

Remember our baby birdies, they hatched....

They grew so fast...and eventually flew away.
Totally what life is all about.  Growing up and leaving the nest. 

Fishing with Daddy and Uncle