Boot Camp Diva

I joined Boot Camp Diva in September and fell in love.  I have toned up and have so much more energy.  They have several different times and locations.  Tell them I referred you.  It is so easy and you will get results.  I have met some amazing people who inspire me every day.  I could barely do one push up when I started, now I can do like 75 in a row with no problems.  The exercises are different every time.  It's outside and we rock out to great music.  It also gets me out of the house, it's like the one thing I do.

This is a picture of me before starting bootcamp in September 2010:

This is a picture of me in December 2010:

These pics don't even do me justice.  I think it's funny how I'm cutting up food in both pics.  I'm a fat girl at heart and love me some food.

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Boot-Camp Diva said...

Lookin good chica!

Kindra said...

You are so much fun to have in class and you already inspire others with your hard work and dedication!! <3