Monday, November 7, 2011

Dentist Appointment

SAWYER did so amazing today.  I have no complaints.  She was such a good girl.  We took her to the dentist, she went once when she turned one.  But she recently turned two and was due for an appointment.  I was personally dreading it, I hated the dentist as a child and still hate it as an adult.  They got us right in and she did great.  Got a sticker, new toothbrush and floss.  She sat in the chair all by herself, we played a little while waiting for the doctor.  Sunglasses, blowing up a glove, and a head mirror can buy a mom and a two year old a lot of time. She also slide down the chair, like it was a slide.  Then she sat in the chair all by herself and let the doctor look at her teeth and paint some fluoride on her teeth as well.  Usually I would sit in the chair and hold her.  They said that she did wonderful and her teeth looked awesome.  Good spacing and the perfect over bite.  They said that never happens with two year olds.  Her top two year molars are in and the bottom are still trying to come in.  I am so relieved.  She hates getting her teeth brushed.  I usually straddle her and brush her teeth, while she screamed bloody murder.  Guess it paid off.  I am so proud of her, things are starting to get so much easier with her.  And she doesn't have to go until she turns three.  This is one proud mama.  We went and saw Grandpa 's to celebrate.  She was just smiling in the car.  I just kept telling her how proud I was of her and how well she did.  She was smiling but trying to hide it.


Kelly said...

hi friend can't wait to get to know you better. i'm your scarfament partner. ;-)
trips to the dentist can be hard i am so glad it worked out for you. what a brave little girl she must be.

Loretta John said...

Awesome! It's a great day for parents when their two-year old does well at the dentist. She handled it like a champ, and she had fun! That's a good sign.