Friday, May 25, 2012

Discovery village

Well I was looking forward to a lovely day to meet with my two girlfriends and their two kids at discover village in gig harbor! It wasn't relaxing! I probably got out of my seat like 100 times as other mothers just sat and relaxed never having to check on their kiddos! Sawyer kept taking off her socks, she also threw sand, took sand toys outside the sand stations, drank filthy water out of the rock and water station, ate off other people's tables (gold fish crackers, chips and crackers), and she almost drew on an infant with a marker, thankfully I intercepted! After practically dragging her out screaming, after doing some deep breathing exercises she promptly fell asleep in the car! I just kept telling myself, I'm grateful she's sleeping and she heathy! I also silently prayed to god that I get an easy baby this time! I'm not going to lie there were some tears on my part!

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