Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I love this picture, I especially love Grandma's sweater I bought her. 
Sawyer even played the piano for everyone.
Thanksgiving went by fast, it was the Thursday after the storm.  We had a big gathering this year, with all of the Patnoe's and the Godon family.  I worked four hours that morning at the hospital.  Then Jake, Sawyer and I headed to Leslie's house.  I made pumpkins pies and brussel sprouts with bacon.  It was a busy house, lots of great food, and it was good seeing everybody.  Gail gave Sawyer a peanut butter cookie,  it was her first time eating peanut butter.  Well second time, Aunt Allison tried to give Sawyer a honey roasted peanut at her birthday party.  I was really proud of this picture with all the kids smiling.  Next year Jake and I decided we will have a mini Thanksgiving on another day of the week, just so we can have our own leftovers.
Yazzy, Sawyer, Lydon, Kayla, Brayden, Lucien, Ashton, and Serena

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