Friday, December 10, 2010


Wow, what a rough couple weeks it has been.  The huge wind storm that happened, Monday the 21st of November hit us hard.  We had a huge tree fall on our house.  It also took out my Grandma's car port including, the last piece of Grandpa we had....his truck.  I waited a while to even write this blog because I didn't want to be bitter.  But when it really comes down to it, we are grateful and blessed.  Jake didn't even make it home because traffic was so bad that night he was in his truck for over four hours and didn't even make it off of 6th Street.  He ended up sleeping at a friend's house and parking the truck at a gas station.  He walked from the gas station to Safeway, bought a pair of gloves and a case of beer and walked all the way to almost Rob's Quick Stop and stayed at a friends.  As for me and Sawyer, we stayed home alone.  We slept in my bed together, it was so loud and windy.  Neither one of us slept very well.  There was so many howls, and cracks, and booms.  There was no way I was driving either.  When Jake got home he peaked his head into the bedroom and whispered, "Honey, there is a tree on the house."  Ever since then we have been dealing with contractors and bids and insurance companies.  That next morning I had to work at 11.  I am not the type to call-in, even if I did call in I would feel guilty.  So I ventured out with Sawyer, since Jake had to stay home and get the tree off of our roof.  There was no way I was leaving my one year old home with Jake, who had planned to be on the roof all day.   (It literally just cracked and creaked, crushing our not even two year old home.)  Belfair Highway was like the epocolypse, I literally drove under at least six huge trees, with hot power lines and multiple cars on the side of the road.  There wasn't much snow but the road was a sheet of ice.  After making it to my mom/grandma's an hour later (normally takes fifteen minutes), and seeing the dramatic tree that had crushed the carport, it was just too much.  It was just a day of shock and I don't think anyone was prepared.  I was so mad Jake let us drive in.  I will post some pictures.  Knowing what I know now, I never would have drove in to work.  I would have stayed home, a tree fell on our house for Christ sake.

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OMG!! Natalie! I would have turned around after seeing trees down and over the road like that! I'm so glad you and Sawyer made it safely to g-ma's. I ventured up to work that day and it was HORRIBLE. I really shouldn't have bothered, but I'm stubborn. It took me about an hour and a half to get home when it normally takes 15-20 minutes. I hope the roof-repairs, etc. are going ok!