Friday, September 16, 2011

UTI turned speech problem...

So I was convinced SJ had a urinary track infection.  She was completely potty trained, like no accidents for four days.  Just decided to go the little green potty of hers that has been sitting in our living room since she turned one.  Started with pees and proceeded to go number two's as well.  No pressure from mom at all, she would just rip her diaper off and go.  I gave up on trying month after month, because she simply wasn't there yet.  She also has joined a baby play group on Tuesday and Thursdays, lots going on.  I wasn't brave enough to go out in public without diapers.  I would always just take her in diapers or just let her be naked in the house.  Then she started screaming when she peed and grabbing her diaper and saying "ouch'.  It was intermittent but then on day four, I was like your going the the doctor, she also regressed back to not using the potty at all.

I took her to a different doctor, then next day because hers wasn't in.  They wanted to cath her for a sample.  I refused being a nurse myself I find it very unnecessary to traumatize a child with that when all you need is a lousy urine sample.  She wasn't able to go so they sent us home.  That was so annoying to me. They doctor told me that I shouldn't force potty training because she is too young and to stop giving her bubble baths...grrrr....if they knew Sawyer, nothing is forced.  She does what she wants.

Then while Sawyer threw herself on the ground having a temper tantrum.  The doctor asked my..."Is this how she talks?"  UH...yeah?  "She is way behind, she should be speaking full sentences by now and she doesn't pronunciant either.  You should make an appointment with her primary doctor right away and get a speech referral...I know that's not why you came but it needs to be addressed.  Just make her two year old appointment early, she doesn't get shots so she can be seen early."  She does, she talks really fast and uses jubberish talk..and says the first part of the mom, is mah, cheese is chee, milk is mil, the list goes on....

Like I don't have enough to worry about.  I cried all the way home.  I have always worried about her activity, she's always been really busy and stubborn not at all like any other babies her age.  But always way ahead and smart for her age.  She still randomly grabs her diaper and says "ouch" but doesn't have a fever and uses the potty sporadically.  One step forward and two steps back.  After talking with Jake we don't think there is anything wrong, I think people expect too much out of her because she looks way older.  She will be two November 3rd, I keep saying she's one.  Because it won't be long before she is two.

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