Monday, December 5, 2011

So this is Christmas...

So we went to Bacon's tree farm and got our first real tree ever.  Apparently, I did as a child from 0-8 got a real tree with red lights with my mom and real dad (whom I now have a semi relationship with=emails every six months) but I can't really remember actually walking and tripping over tree stumps and picking out whatever tree we wanted.  SO the really cool thing is Jake and I, love the same kind of tree, grand fir. So picking out one was not a problem.  Sawyer was real grouchy but we made it through it and Jake sawed that tree down with some help from her.  Originally we thought we would put it outside in our sweet covered porch but once we got it home, it was way too pretty to put outside.  So I have a giant Christmas tree with six strings, which is approximately 150 feet of white lights.  I'm so lucky.  I just want to buy new ornaments but don't want to spend the money.  This is a picture of our first tree as a couple in 2006. 

Five feet Walmart special..

We ran out of lights and had to go get more, even though we only had $200 bucks until payday.  We didn't care, who needs food on the table, when they can have Christmas light?
Nine foot Bacon's special!!!!!! (Jake was like sit next to it so we can see how big it really is, Ok babe because I'm so small.) We upgraded.  Can't wait until we upgrade my ring...BOO YAH.

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