Monday, December 5, 2011


Had a great Halloween.  I am still sick but we made a day of it.  Went to my mom's work and said trick or treat to everyone.  Sawyer called a lady dressed as Medusa, pretty.  Got a new tooth brush and some condoms (not really, well we made her put them back), my mom works at the Health Department.  Stopped by Sawyer's "preschool" and said hello.  Little did Sawyer know, that's probably the last time she will go there.  Two colds, the stomach flu, diaper rashes and UTI's, in only two months, this mommy's had enough.  Went to Barnes and Noble to mommy could buy a new planner and some new cook books.  Sawyer has a bunch of candy and a "coffee" of her own aka milk.  She likes to just puts the whole candy in her mouth, including the wrapper.  Then we got the oil changed.  Went home took a nap.  I secretly put together half of her birthday present while she slept.

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