Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mop and Glow Ornaments

I heard from a friend of mine, Kindra, that making these beautiful mess free glitter bulbs was easy.  Just get the medium sized glass bulbs from Michael's.  I bought three packs of four and they were like 70% off because it was like two days before Christmas when I bought them. Take the top off, poor a little Mop and Glow inside, swirl it around until the entire inside is covered, dump remainder out.  I picked fine glitter red and green, rotate bulb until the entire inside is covered, add more glitter if you run out.   And there you have it.  Dump out any excess glitter, let dry and put top back on.  This was an easy with an awesome project, just how I like things.  And I know it's January 21st, but I figure never too late right?  I still have a rice crispy pumpkin project, that Sawyer and I did, that I need to blog about. 

Whoever originally thought of this project, whoever you are.  Thank you for your brilliance.  I would put a source if I knew who the inventor is, but I don't.

Merry Christmas in January people.  Oh and Sawyer just sat on the couch and ate a block of cheese.  Oh, yeah she can open the fridge, she brings me raw eggs on a regular basis now.

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