Monday, February 27, 2012

Monkey Tails

Sawyer finally has a little hair now at 2.3 years old.  I can put it three pig tails.  But to Sawyer they are "monkey tails".  She wakes up talking about them. She also still loves to eat dog food, and doesn't try and hide it.  She also still is a very picky eater.  Sleeping much better.  We weighed the other day,  37 pounds.  She wears a size 9 shoes and continues to grow.  She looks like a little person.  Our little baby is growing up for sure.  Today she kept walking around the house with a bowl on her foot (Brodie's food dish) and refused to give it up.  At preschool she was eating a pretzel, and she had taken a bite out of it.  She said,"Mama, it's a turtle."  It really did look like one. ''I'm going to eat the turtle now, Mama."  She is still really busy, and screams bloody murder when she gets her teeth brushed.  We love her, cherish her and kiss her as mush as we can.  I ask her like every day.  "How come you are so beautiful? I didn't know God made girls as beautiful as you."  I also point to her heart and tell her she is beautiful inside.  Today, she grabbed both my cheeks and said, "You're beautiful mama."  Seems like she was born yesterday, with those hot pink lips of hers. 

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