Thursday, February 23, 2012


My parent's sweet old neighbor, Santa Claus, died in his chair, was found three days later, he was only 69.  I drove by to pick up Sawyer the other day and had a feeling something was wrong.  A third grader was shot in the belly at an elementary school in Bremerton.  Poor school was on lockdown and a friend's kid had to hide outside behind the bus, just her and the busdriver.  Omg, these are babies bringing guns to school.  A state tropper was shot in Gorst (five minutes from our house) last night, he was only 44.  I didn't sleep last night. I still can't get over the fact Whitney died either.  Urgh.   And why did they cut Lauren Grey off American Idol?  My friend Clare had a beautiful baby girl today and I kissed my dog, my hubby and Sawyer multiple times today because I am so thankful for what I have, even though I take many things for granted.
And I am thankful even though we can never get a pic where we are all smiling!

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Sarah Lou said...

Santa Claus died?!? :( I never met him really, but I remember seeing him drive by all the time. I always smiled. Things are supposed to happen in 3's--I think we're way over that quota now. It needs to stop! (On a lighter note, I am thankful for you. <3)