Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top ten baby boy and girl names......of all time or at least today

Good old Ree at Pioneer Women inspired me to compile a list of my top ten baby boy and baby girl names. You can see hers HERE and HERE.  I about peed myself at work yesterday, when I asked someone what the date was and they replied, the 22nd.  OK I will be honest at first I didn't believe them nor did I pee, instead I went to my locker to fetch my watch (that has the date) and it was true August 22, 2012.....then I peed.  As for my due date is November 22 (at the latest) and that only leaves me approximently three month (maybe) to get my shit act together, and picking a baby name is part of it.

TOP TEN BABY BOY NAMES, for now.  (I'm not going to lie, I might have left one name in particular off the list until, oh I don't know late November.)

1.) Seth
Love this name for many obvious reasons.  The most important being, it starts with S and it's my baby brother name.  I love it more now for how just a great uncle he has become.  It is strong and not very common, all that is very important in a name. 
2.) Shilas
The son on Weeds.  It starts with S.  Just a rocking name in general. 
3.) Henry AKA "Hank"
Love me some good old fashion Henry, don't you?  Strong but yet really sweet and tender.  And you can have a beer with Hank.
4.) Graham
Asolutely love this name, because I can't possible think of one person I know named Graham.
5.) Jenstead or Jens
My dear Grandma's maiden name, which I just adore.  I love love love Jens for a boy.  Done done and done.
6.) Bingham
This is a fricking cute name, especially the nickname Bing.  Kate Hudson named her latest son this and I just can't get enough. 
7.) Angus
The lead guitarist in AC/DC. 
8.) Gunnar
I feel like this name is a family name as well, Gunhild, Gunda and I love it.  I just hate how popular Hunter, Fisher, and Parker have become.  And just because my husband likes guns, doesn't mean that is why we like the name Gunnar. 
9.) Edmond
One of the son's on The Notebook my all time favorite movie of all time.  Too bad Twilight kind of ruined it for me with the team Edward crap.  Sturdy name.  No one would have it either.  This name just makes my heart melt.  This is also my mom's maiden names witout an (s) Edmonds. 
10.) Jonas
The son on Sleepless in Seattle.  I can just hear Tom Hanks saying his name right now.  And I like that it's kind of a girl name for a guy.  That's what I'm talking about. 

TOP TEN BABY GIRL NAMES, as of today.  Make that 11, since number one is already taken by the most beautiful baby girl I know. 

1.) Sawyer Jean
2.) Drew
Already have a nickname, Drewberry.  LOVE IT.
3.) Brielle
A combination between my mom's middle name Louise and Brian (step dad).  Love this combo.
4.) Etta
Old school
5.) Wren
The spelling of this name just grabs my attention.  Not sure what it means or where I heard it but I love it. 
6.) Collette
Well my maiden name is Coleman and I just think for as feminine of a name it is very strong and unique. 
7.) Oliv (Olive)
Reminds me a little of Popeye but I think if used with the right baby, it would make a quite lovely adult female name as well.
8.) Charlotta
I have a cousin Charlotta and she makes the name.  No one has it and you could call her Charlie.
9.) Margaret
My grandma's friend Maragaret.  Lots of nicknames with this one.  Old fashion, rich, beautiful, love.
10.) Agnes
I'd have to call her Aggy.  Oldie but a goodie.
11.) Simone
If I have a third child and could convince my hubby on this one.....we would have it made.

Hope you enjoyed my baby names as much as I did. 

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