Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We are making progress...

I think I am about 26 weeks tomorrow.  With Sawyer I knew to the day how preggers I was.  This pregnancy, I just kind of round to the nearest week or say well I'm due in November. 

I finally have started to prepare for baby boy number two.  I bought a box of diapers at costco (size 1-2).  I have been seriously researching cloth diapers, that blog post is still in the works.  I ordered my way too expensive diaper bag and it came today and I still feel guilty about it.  It sure is cute though, I am so glad it came with a long strap. 

I got also purchased a used crib mattress, since the crib mattress we used for Sawyer is on her toddler bed (that she never sleeps in) for only $20.  I also bought a new mattress cover for cheap at a consignment shop....I actually went to three in one day.

Rumple New Skins in Pousblo
The Clothes Line in Silverdale
Bella Luna in Bremerton

I spent about $40, including the mattress cover with all the three stores combine.

I also got a cute giraffe and a small little globe for nursery decorations. 

Sawyer and I have been up to no good.  Jake gets home around four thirty and he always says, "Well, what did you guys do all day?"

Made mud pies in our underwear, duh?

They we took a three hour nap.....Geez it was pretty rough.

"Mama, you are having a boy, I'm having a guril and she will come out of the coochie."


Lunch with my babes at Lennerd K's.

Just another day in paradise.

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