Monday, November 8, 2010

12 Month Check-up

Today was Sawyer's one year well baby check.  Jake took the morning off to go with us.  We have an amazing pediatrician.  I remember driving to her new baby checks the first month and just crying on the way there, arriving late and frazzled with no sleep as all new parents do but Dr. Bronald at the Children's Clinic was absolutely amazing.  She told us exactly what we needed to hear.  I remember her just looking at me and saying, "Having a baby was the hardest thing I have ever done, harder then residency, just plain hard and breast feeding ever harder, but it's all worth it in the end."  Over the past year I think we have developed quite a bond, I am truly thankful for and appreciate everything she does for us.  Sawyer got a clean bill of health.  Four vaccines (two in each thigh), which I am sure is more traumatic for me than her.  She only cried a second.  We have had the same nurse for every appointment, until today we had a new face but she was amazing and the receptionists are always so nice to us.  This is the first year that Sawyer got a flu shot, a big step for me because I really didn't used to think they actually worked but after being sick with the flu twice and having two really bad colds this year, I'd figure we'd give it a shot.  I had a doctor appointment myself today as well and in addition to the flu shot, I got my Tdap (Tetanus with Pertussis).  One in each arm which I have to say I was impressed because I didn't really feel anything.  I am sure I will be sore tomorrow and Sawyer as well.  Since we have been married over two years and Sawyer is already one, I have a lot to catch up on.  I will posted her height and weight since she was born on this blog.  So our main concern to Dr. Bronald; "baby b.o."!  Sawyer always gets stinky arm pits, even with baths every day to every other day, and I could have sworn babies don't have sebaceous glands yet.  Doctor just laughed and said it's usually feet complaints but not armpits.  Maybe we will have to use deodorant early on her.  Dr. Bronald also found that Sawyer had lots of ear wax.  So pulled out two big clumps from both ears.  I got the green flag to just use soapy bath water and a syringe and just have at it.  I always tried to keep water out of her ears and usually just used a baby wipe and my finger.  I literally learn something new every day.  It's hard being a mamma but I am getting better at it.  So now Sawyer has squeaky clean ears.  Dr. Bronald says Sawyer is the size and acts like a 20 month old. 
Sawyer stats over the last year, oh my how she has grown;
11/3/09 @ 12:48 8.10#, 20 inches
11/4/09 8.3# (leaving hospital)
11/6/09 7.12# (she almost lost 10%, then at last my milk came in)
11/7/09 8.1#
11/17/09 9.1#, 23 inches (she grew 3 inches in two weeks, all she did was nurse)
12/8/09 10.12# @ 5 weeks
1/12/10 15.12#, 25.5 inches (10 weeks)
1/26/10 16.11#
2/22/09 18.0#
3/2/10 18.10#, 27.5 inches (four months)
4/27/10 21.8#, 29 inches (six months)
7/1310 23.0#, 31 inches (nine months)
10/18/10 26.11#, 33 inches (99% height, 92% weight-one year old)
This is a picture of Sawyer before shots.....
This is a picture of Sawyer after shots.....

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