Monday, November 22, 2010

Sawyer's Real First Snow

Today we woke up to snow.  Technically this is Sawyer second snow.  I wrote in my planner March 8th, 2010 as Sawyer's first snow.  I got her all bundled up.  She could barely walk because she had so many layers.  Just to catch up on things Sawyer and daddy stayed home on Saturday so I could go give flu shots at church.  This is the first Saturday we both have been home in a long time time, so I feel like I did my good deed for the year.  It's so hard being away from Sawyer.  Getting us all home together is rare.  I'm just a home body.  Sunday Jake and Uncle Luke went hunting while my mom, Sawyer and I went to the craft fair.  It was fun.  I got Sawyer some cute snowflake leg warmers and my mom got a beaded necklace to hold her badge.  I also got lots of ideas for crafts.  I really wish that I could do so much more, like sew.  I started crocheting and am working on my first granny square blanket.  Here are some pics.
She was picking the snow off her boots and eating it.

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Allison Compton said...

cute! i want more pictures!
xoxo aunt al