Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Every Wednesday at the North Mason Timerland Library they have story time for babies and toddlers.  It starts at 10:00.  Sawyer and I went this morning, she loves it.  She is kind of in between groups, she's not a baby who just lays in a car seat or lets me hold her but she isn't quite as grown-up as the toddlers/preschoolers.  It's good for her and I will continue taking her.  She loves books, that is all she plays with are her books.  She brings them to me all day long and I read them to her over and over again.  At one point we only had like two books and they were Christmas books (hand me downs from Clare) and we read them until they fell apart.  I actually threw them away the other day, I couldn't help but feeling a little guilty.  Thank God she is spoiled rotten and got lots of new books for her birthday.  There hasn't been a lot of work for me lately, I am a Per Diem nurse at Harrison in Bremerton.  I am only actually required to work two days a month.  Every one is picking up extra shifts for holiday money, which leaves me with no work.  I worry about money but I shouldn't because we are fine.  It is nice to just work weekends and not put my child in daycare.  Usually they are begging for me to come in and work and I feel guilty for saying no.  I really can't win.  I just have to remind myself that I am lucky to have a job.  I am also lucky to be able to stay home with my baby, have a roof over our heads and be able to put food on the table.  I know many families are struggling.  Sawyer is growing up so fast and I love being with her.  I actually get sick when I am away from her, the only time I am okay is when I am at work.  After reading, we decided to head into town as I was driving Sawyer was fussy, then I remembered I forgot to feed her breakfast.  Oops.  Like I said, being a mom is so hard and I'm not perfect.  She had milk when she got up and it was only 11, she isn't really a big eater but I knew she needed something in her belly.  We went to visit my mom at work, to wear her out some more.  Then we went to visit my Grandma, then home for a nap.  Last night I needed to get out of the house, so we took Sawyer to baby swim at the YMCA in Bremerton, daddy got to get in the pool too.  It was fun but cold.  We had dinner at Brother Don's and I actually carried Sawyer out of her car seat and straight to bed this is something we never really got to do with Sawyer.  She just never wants to miss a thing but after swimming and dinner out she was exhausted.  I think she is also beginning to trust us and know we will be here when she wakes up. 

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