Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bookcase Redo

Remember this post....?

And this post.....?

Well it's finally done.

Step one: Wash with
soap and water with a scrub brush and hose.
Step two:  Let dry a couple days.
Step three:  Sand....Sand and Sand some more. (I am hoping Jake gets me an electric sander for Easter.  I know present aren't meant for Easter, but He spoils me.)
Step four:  Borrow neighbors chop saw and cut off bottom of bookshelf. (Jake did this part.)
Step Five: Repeat step three.
Step Six: Stain, I used Minwax Wood Finish Provincial 211, wiped it on with a paper towel.
Step seven: I painted the back of the bookcase.  I just used a left over living room sample paint (an olive green color) and eye balled it.  There was too much water damage to not cover it up.  I was going to cover it in fabric but Jake said the whole bookshelf would probably crumble if I took the backing off. 
Step eight: Rub on some Minwax Polyurethane clear gloss.

Hooking up HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.


A Vintage Vine said...

Look great, you really gave it new life!

allenaim photography and design said...

LOVE it turned on its side like that - kudos on a beautiful redo!

Jen T said...

It's so pretty with the gleaming wood - good job! JenT

Jacqueline said...

Just Lovely and simple! I like how you decorated it as well! Will you please join my link party and link this up?

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