Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Frustrated with painting the living room...

I really am so annoyed.  It is so hard picking out paint for our living room.  I have a total of nine paint samples and a million swatches.  We just want something light and fresh.  When you think about it there is only so many colors....we didn't want anything dark and narrowed it down to light green, light blue and light tan/yellow shades.  I just wanted my walls tinted.  I'm really picky about things.  For example, not a fan of accent walls.  But we have lived in this house almost two years and I want a semi-decent living room, since we spend the majority of our time in the living room.  I also like doing things 110% the first time.  I don't like a quick and easy fix, I like a permanent solution.  I don't like cutting corners.  There are plenty of beautiful living rooms our there, that I love and am inspired by but there is also many things I see and think...Oh my! (not for me.)  It is also hard because we have baby and need a functional baby proof living room.


This is my latest project, my father-in-law gave to me, for free.  Jake and I wanted to make Sawyer some kind of book shelf, this isn't want we had in mind but I might have to use this for another room in the house, if I can nurse it back to health?  It needed some desperate TLC, it was wet, dirty and moldy.  I am hoping it has good bones.  I washed it with soap and water and gave it a good scrub.  This picture is after the washing.  I have been sanding and sanding.  Jake cut the bottom off with the neighbors saw.  I wanted it symmetrical. I already have stain and plan on staining it soon.  Stayed tuned for the finished product.  It might need new backing because I am not sure how it will stain because of the water damage.  Or I was thinking I could cover it in fabric? 

Thought of this great idea with some left over ribbon, from our wedding.  Instead of a hot pink hair ties to keep Sawyer from opening cabinets in the living room, I tied them with ribbon.  Cute right? I was really proud of myself for coming up with this one. 

I cleaned out our fridge today.  I threw away six expired salad dressings, that I use all the time.  Gross.  Our fridge is bare but sparkly clean.  Grocery shopping tomorrow, we are out of everything.

Sawyer is way off with this time change.  Right now she is in bed with me watching Shrek 2, for the hundredth time, while I blog....its 11:05pm.  She just didn't want to go to bed.  It's kind of nice to have her cuddled up bedside me.  I am so sick of the weather, it's raining so hard right now.  It's been thundering and lightning all day today.  Over it.

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