Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remember this old thing....?

Remember this cork board in awesome condition, I got at Faith in Action a while back for $3.00?
Well, I sanded the frame (this removed the sharpie painted chicken).
Painted it with a yellow shade from left over living room samples.  I didn't even tape it off, just eye balled it. 
Added three hooks.  I had Jake twist these in by hand.
I hung it with two nails and commands strips to the bottom, to make it really secure.
Here is the finished product.
I like it.  Now we have a home for keys.  Since I lose mine on a daily basis. 
Remember the crib jumping bandit?  Well here is her room as of today....still not sleeping.
See the problem is once she hops out, she can't get back in. 
She's way too cute to get mad at.  We are still really sick. So I am hoping that things will work out smoother as we get better.

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