Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garter Belts

With so many people around me getting hitched, thought I could make some sweet homemade garter belts.  I bought ribbon (that is elastic, and already looks like a garter belt), comes by the yard at Joann's.  I bought already made flowers found at any craft store, and ribbon.  I literally measured it to my thigh, to get the right length. 
These are the settings I used on the Singer.  The only sewing involved was the garter belt, or ribbon.  I just pinned the ribbon together with two pins and sewed forward, reverse, forward, reverse like four times.  White thread of course.   
My biggest kept secret...I hot glued gunned all the flowers!  I just tied a bow from the purple ribbon.  The center with the white flower, is where I sewed the garter together, to hide the stitch.
Hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, Nat! I love how it turned out! Haha especially on Sawyer :) Reminds me that I need to practice more with my sewing machine...