Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picasa...I'm in love with you.

Pretty sure this is the best computer program ever, but then again I don't get memo's on cool things until after the whole world already knows about them.  Check out Picasa HERE and Picnik HERE.  These are two really great editing programs for bloggers, especially the newbies, since I can figure them out. 

This is a picture of the sunsetting, the very first night we were at the ocean.  Stay tuned for our ocean trip details, pretty much the longest blog post ever, but I wanted to write about everything so I wouldn't forget it. 
Here is another picture I played with!  I love the bright colors. 
I love that my stamp is on the bottom!

P.S.  Thanks mom for keeping things in perpsective.  As usual you always make me feel better.  I love you.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness... I love that pic of you and Sawyer!! You look so beautiful and happy! <3

OurSoundHome said...

I agree with Sarah. love that smile!!
Aren't mom's the best on hard days? :-) Xo!

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That is great to hear, thank you for reading!