Friday, June 3, 2011

Beautiful girl

I forgot to mention Sawyer's 18 month stats....30.5 pounds and 35.5 inches!  Doesn't have to go to the doctor or dentist until she is two!  Which is right around the corner...

She is pretty much amazing.

She can count to five. She thoroughly enjoys, standing on the coffee table, counting to three, then lunging herself off onto one of us who is sitting on the couch.

I find her climbing on our bar stools. She can also climb on top of our table.

She stands on top of her kiddy table, and just watches tv that way.  Sometimes, she'll get mad and just flips it over like baby hulk hogan.

She sleeps like a big girl, in her own room (crib mattress on the floor).

She knows where your head, ears, eye, nose, mouth, chin and teeth are and she will show you. (Just be ready when she says, eyes! She'll poke your eye out.)

She loves putting on shoes and going "side", outside.

She loves dogs, and yes she still kisses strangers.

She throws thrash away, in the garbage can, underneath the sink.

She says so many words....too many to count.

After a messy pb and j, she comes up to me, sticks her sticky hands mom please wash my hands.

She still loves baths, (we don't say this word out loud or else she expects one). She also drinks her bubbly bath water, even though we tell her not to.

She has all of her teeth, except her two year old molars. (Brushing teeth is a battle, usually requires two people and tears.)

She loves her sandbox.  And her pool.  She likes collecting rocks and sticks and throwing them in the water.

She thinks down means up.

She got her first black eye, bump on her head and skinned knee, all in the same week.

She loves her "bee bee" (binky).

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