Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ocean Shores

We were long over due for a family vay cay, so we just booked the trip a couple weeks before Memorial Day weekend.  NO thinking or budgeting, we just needed to go.  We stayed at the Beachwood Resort five miles from Ocean Shores on Copalis Beach, it was pretty awesome. 

Sawyer loved it, we planned it perfect and she slept the whole way there.  Thanks to the four runner we only used 3/4 tank of gas too!  I took pictures of the place....

See the window above the bed....night two we got smart and thumb tacked blankets to cover the light.  (There's a street light directly out the window.)

For some reason, I didn't take pics of the living area or the kitchen?

Nice fence side yard, we so could have brought the dogs, they would have loved it.

Every time we picked Sawyer up, she'd cry...because she wanted to play.  Can you blame her?

Boogers and sand, nice combo.

It was an amazing trip.  Sawyer didn't sleep the first night, she was too excited.  All she wanted to do was play, the eye, ears, nose, head, chin game.  When we finally got her to sleep the second night, she rolled off the bed.  We had a nice seafood dinner out, pizza the second night.  Lots of good snacks in between.  Jake and I took turns going in the hot tub.  Jake clogged the toilet day one, had to ask management for a plunger.  Sawyer broke a plate.  We had great weather.  We watched a chain saw carving competition.  We made chicken broccoli dish, it stunk up the car.  We took a detour and stopped at the outlet malls in Centralia.  Sawyer loved it so much, she enjoyed sitting in the sand and just digging.  We had a great time as a family, just us, no stress.  A well deserved trip and plans to go back next Memorial Day.

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OurSoundHome said...

This sounds like the perfect family va-cay. Glad you guys (and especially Sawyer!) had so much fun at the beach ;-) XO!