Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Snow....

So, every year I forget it always snows on my birthday...or at least there is snow on the ground.  As predicted we got snow.  So Jake, Sawyer and I got all bundled up to take a walk to Bear Creek Store, at eight last night.  Sawyer loved it, she walked the whole way, like a big girl.  It was probably only twenty minutes or so, but it was one of those memories I just wanted to put on pause.  Sawyer gets so excited her mouth moves but no words come out.  Jake and I can't stop smiling because she is so cute.  Barb, who works at the store was so kind to take our picture.  I just love Sawyer, her Mmmm....kisses and how she loves to pick up snow and put it in her mouth.   She didn't even want to come inside.  The last three nights she has slept for over twelve hours.  I never thought I would be able to put her to bed giggling and smiling and her just go to sleep like a big girl.  She slept for like six nights in a row around thirteen months, but then she got out of the habit when we got colds after Christmas.  Now we are back on track and she's a wonderful sleeper.  Just looking back, I wonder how did we ever get through it? 

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