Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our first Auction...

Some of our favorite shows are Pawn Stars, Auction Kings, American Pickers, Antiques Roadshow and recently Storage Wars.  So the other day we googled and found two auctions in our area.  One was Stokes Auction off Highway 16 in Port Orchard, which we kind of knew about but neither of us had been to.  The other one that we found is West Sound Auction, right in Belfair off the main highway.  And they just so happened to have their monthly auctions this weekend.  All the items are online to view before going to the auction, which is pretty cool.  West Sound Auction actually has an auction every Friday but they have one big auction per month with antiques and firearms, this one you can even bid online.  We had fun but after an hour and a half Sawyer was ready to go.  She actually did pretty good.  She played with another kids toys, we shared a hot dog, I actually almost had her asleep in my wrap.  Between the auctioneers voice, and me rocking her back and forth, I thought I had it, but no she's too smart to fall asleep and miss a minute with us.  So we left early, none of the items we wanted to bid on were even close to bidding.  We just wanted to get our feet wet anyways.  But this table caught us off guard and sold for a steal at $35.  We kicked our selves all the way home because we would have taken it home for $40.

It had some scratches but with some sanding and some stain it would have been beautiful.

There was a box of old napkins, crocheted table runner, handkerchiefs, and some miscelaneous cotton items, I originally saw online but when I saw at in person I changed my mind.  There was also a box of antique shakers, one set were a pair of owls (which are making a comeback) but ended up going for over $50. 
My mom collects salt and pepper shakers and I would have gotten them for her if they went for a reasonable price.  Now that I think about it, my mom doesn't collect s and p shakers, I just buy them for her.  She probably has over 20 pairs, all from random places I have been.  She almosts need another shelving unit for them.  This kind of reminds me of how my grandma, Nancy would make me lemon bars, and I don't know how she got it in her head that I liked them?  I would eat one, but there are other sweets I would eat over a lemon bar.  My poor mom, what is she going to do with all these shakers? 

There were two items I really wanted.  One was this antique thermos, in awesome condition.  We missed the bidding on this one, but went for only $12.  Makes me want to cry.  It's that beautiful Martha Stewart green.  All I have to say is bummer.

The other piece I really liked was this antique coffee bean grinder.  Which sold for $60.  Way out of my price range, but freaking cute.  That royal blue print will never go out of style, in my opinion.

Even though we didn't come home with anything, we had a blast.  We definitely learned a lot and plan to go to more.  We scouted and got a feel for everything.  There were also many guns too, which Jake is into. 

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