Thursday, January 20, 2011

Parenting 101

1.)  Everything is a phase.  Just when you think you can't take any more fits or sleepless gets better and you will miss doing the things you once prayed would end.
2.)  Tend to your child when they cry, even though everyone will tell you to let them cry.
3.)  Cuddle, as much as you can.
4.)  Say something good to your child ten times as much as you correct or scold them.  Complimenting them in front of people only multiples it.
5.)  Be patient. Be kind. (They will see this and copy you.)
6.)  Take naps with them.  You will always have chores, you won't always have a baby.
7.)  Read parenting books, but do it your way.
8.)  Listen to people's advice, you don't have to take it.  Don't let other people get to you, if you have to shut out the world for a while, do it.
9.)  Breathe.  Expect the worst,  then when it's not too bad, you will be surprised.
10.) Brush their teeth, even if they hate it.
11.) Kiss them, on the lips.
12.) Hug them, tightly.
13.) Protect them, follow your instinct.
14.) Take pictures, often.
15.) Get their vaccines.
16.) Breastfeed, as long as you can.
17.) Read to them at least once a day.
18.) Let them play outside, let them get dirty.
19.) Don't hit, slap or spank....ever.
20.) Enjoy them and treasure the company.
21.) Let them help.
22.) Pick your battles, life really is too short.
23.) Redirect them, instead of saying NO over and over again. (This actually works!)
24.) Love them unconditionally.
25.) Thank God everyday, for his beautiful gift to you.

Being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done.  My beautiful Sawyer Jean is already over one year old and I can't believe it.  It was quite an adjustment but we are getting better and I am learning how to be a better mommy everyday.  These are some guide lines I have found helpful.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Sawyer.
I never want to forget how she uses, "more" in sign language.
I never want to forget her Mmmmh....kisses, from across the room.
I love how she rubs my mole on my face and turns my head from side to side with her tiny little hands.
I never want to forget her tiny little hands, when she falls asleep in the car seat and makes two chubby little fists.  I like how she says..."oooohhh". and always points at my nose ring and earrings.
If she bonks her head, she grabs her head and say "aawwhhoo" (then rubs it and sticks out her lips).
I like how she makes car sounds then grabs her purse and keys and says "ba-eye".

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OurSoundHome said...

So sweet! She will treasure this someday. XO