Friday, January 7, 2011

Paper wreath

Since every blog I ever look at has made a paper wreath.  I decided to put my craft skills to the test.  I bought a 8'' foam wreath from Michael's.  I torn up an old medical dictionary I had, three hundred pages or so and used twelve sticks on mini glue gun glue.  I only burnt my thumb once.  I am very proud of my project and it actually turned out better then I thought it would.  I wanted to replace my Christmas wreath on our front door, but my paper wreath turned out way too cute and deserves a home in doors.  After I spent an hour and a half working on it, I touched up a couple spots in the morning and ransacked the house for one tiny thumb tack.  I was so excited I couldn't wait to hang it up.  Finally after looking in every door, cabinets and tub I had, I realized I had some thumbs tacks in a zip lock bag in the tool chest.  Duh, where else would a thumb tack be?  Neatly placed in a zip lock bag, in the tool chest, in the garage, come on now.  Sometimes, I am too organized and I drive myself bananas because I can't find anything. 

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