Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A bad day turned good...

I take pride in how organized and efficient I am and today my worse nightmare came true.  Well, second to worse nightmare, first being all of my teeth falling out into my hands.  To make a long story short.  I showed up to a two day class, thinking today was day one...when it was actually day two.  Oops.  After pulling myself together, I called my mom and husband, they both made me feel better.  Seriously, I wonder sometimes.  This class was in Silverdale, so I drove to Bremerton to figure things out.  Then I parked, where I always do, to go into the hospital and a parking nazi security guard, told me I couldn't park there.  What, but I park here all the time?  Apparently, only after 11am am I allowed to park there.  This is after I already trucked up the hill to get there.  Holding back tears, I walked backed to my car and drove around and parked as far as I could away from the freaking hospital.  Thank god my cert didn't actually expire until Fall and I could register for another class in July. 

Then I got a pedicure, shopped at Target, and had a mom made egg sammy.  Things were getting better.  My mom gave me a sweet pyrex dish she found.  I tried to find a picture online and this one is the closest I could find.  

Pretty amazing right?  I thought so.  It's sometime after 1961.  Then to finish off the night with some homemade taco soup, a pampered chef party and good friends.  Oh yeah and American Idol, and kisses from my husband and baby girl.  Goodnight moon. 

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