Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cute Planter Box

     I highly recommend going to McClendon's Hardware in Belfair and picking up one of these cute cedar planter boxes.  The are ridiculously cute and are only $12.99!!!  I go to McClendon's at least once a week.  They all know us there, and love seeing Sawyer.  She is so popular between there and Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, every one loves her and we don't mind sharing.  I love the sale stuff they have and can always find what I need.  I waited all day for Jake to get home so we could build it together in our living room.  Why does it feel so good to use an electric drill?  Jake got a sweet drill for Christmas and it is amazing, I don't know how we made it without one.  I told Jake I really wanted an electric sander, maybe if he wanted to buy me something sweet for Easter?  I'm just saying.  After the finished product, we decided we needed two, so I plan on going back and getting one more. 

This is what I call cheap entertainment with a finished product.  I can't wait to plant something in it. 

     So Sawyer expects a bath every night.  When it gets around that time, she starts taking her clothes off.  Or she will just walk up to one of us and put her hands in the air.  Her way of saying, "Please take my shirt off or I will have a tantrum."  Her new thing is to stand on her head like this picture, when she doesn't get what she wants, when she wants it. 

     Then she just stands at the baby gate, staring around the corner at the bathroom.  Occasionally whining and stopping her feet.  She is so cute and smart and she does love bath time.  She puts her hand under the water faucet until I have to turn off the water.  She plays with her cups and sometimes even drinks the soapy water.  She also likes to splash me.  When I get her out,  I let her step through the towel between my legs and fall to the floor.  This is something my mom did with me and I remember doing it.  We also had a metal copper bottom "top ramem" pot that had a broken handle that we used to rinse my hair with.  Every time she'd pour water over my head we named off a different brand of cereal, lucky charms, cheerios etc.  I plan on doing this with Sawyer when she get a little older and gets hair.


OurSoundHome said...

I think I need to plan a trip to this store- the planter is super cute and I am curious what else they have! I don't have a little cutie girl like you do to play inside though, unless you count Sophie kitty. ;-)

Gettin' Dirty with the Derksemas said...

Cute planter box! Adorable Sawyer! She is so gorgeous- and appears to have personality for weeks!