Monday, March 21, 2011

Just another day...

What a day.  For the past two nights, Sawyer has not slept well.  I think she might have night terrors or something, she cries so hard and I swear she's not even awake.  I actually love tending to her.  She hugs so good lately...really tight, really long with her little face nestled in my neck.  My whole world stops and I just treasure it.  I'm hoping tonight she will sleep and maybe I will too.  Just looking back we have come so far, on the whole sleep thing that is.  It was so hard and it's nothing compared to now.  I'm spoiled now and I'm definitely not complaining.  A mac truck could hit the house and Jake would sleep right through it.  The other night Jake got home from work and went to sleep at 5:30pm and slept all the way until morning.  My bladder is only good for a around six hours.  I'm actually jealous of how he sleeps.  He can fall asleep with one arm in the air.  I'm not kidding, I took a picture once.  I should find it and post it.

Yesterday, I gave the dogs a well needed bath.  Today I woke up and went to let them out and they both sh*t in their rooms and were laying on it.  Brodie never poops in his room.  What a great start to my morning.  I also realized that Brooklyn, my baby girl pug needs a better life.  Her skin is so bad and I don't know what else to do.  Seattle Pug rescue doesn't even want her.   

Sawyer broke the stand for our digital picture frame by pulling it off a table in the living room.  This was my fault and I don't blame her. 

So, everyone talks about how potty training is so easy.  My mom swears I was potty trained at 13 months.  So far I haven't really felt that Sawyer has been ready.  But lately, she has been doing things that makes me think...if you can do that, you can potty in the toilet.  She does all the recommended things the books say except the average age is two and a half.  She walks, she can help with dressing, she can grab a diaper and lay down in front of you.  Lately she hates having a poopy diaper changed, I don't blame her.  But wiggling around in it and making a huge mess doesn't make me happy. 

So we tried the potty today.  I toileted her every hour or so and I put her in thick cloth panties, we had two wet panties and one episode of peeing on the floor.  For her nap I put her in a diaper.  But after her nap we went back to big girl panties.  Then we had a poop in these special panties, these wound up in the trash.  This made a huge mess and I yelled at her.  I still feel guilty about it.  Not that she pooped her panties, but they she made a huge mess and gave me a hard time while changing her.  Her whole room stunk, I had to scrub the poop off her carpet.  After that I let her trash her room for a while so I could shampoo the carpets in the living room.  That's a whole different story, I just bought the damn thing and it wasn't sucking up the water.  After kicking and banging it, I got it to work.  

I went to check on SJ and she had pulled the vent out of the floor and shoved two books and a couple toys down it.  Awesome.  Then I realized her room still stunk so I opened her window.  Then I realized she had another poop, it was like explosive diarrhea and I am surprised her diaper held.  So another battle on the floor just to make her clean, half a package of wipes later.  Then it got me thinking maybe we all ate something funny because I had a weird poop the other day before work and Jake was on the toilet in the middle of the night and had a belly ache.  Too much information?  Nah...everyone poops. 

Things Sawyer does that make me think she can be potty trained; hawks spit wads like daddy does, goes in her room shuts the door and turns on the radio, says "delicious", hollers around the house looking for daddy "Jake, Jake" it's so funny.  She will point at him and say "Jake".  She also calls me "Mimi".  She blows her nose.  She loves "Momo" aka Elmo. 

I got bullied on facebook today....apparently Vegas is no place for a one year old. 

Some good did come out of today, I did clean the carpets in the living room.  Cheaper then riping them out and putting in hard woods.  They were so nasty.  Jake actually said, "I'm glad you didn't rip them out."  I cleaned the oven too.  Seth is watching Sawyer Wednesday for a couple hours too, this makes me happy.   I also laughed so hard when Jake almost slipped on the wet kitchen floor today, twice.  Sawyer slipped a couple times too, I felt bad.  It was wet from my many trips to empty and refill my carpet cleaner. 

Bootcamp killed  me tonight.  Probably because I ate whole box of sugar cookies over the weekend.

We had Fiesta for dinner.  Yum.

I want this house.  Isn't she lovely?  Jake would say, "Let's buy it."

Things I learned today.

Be kind.
Be patient.
I'm happy, no need to convince anyone.
Surround yourself with people you love.
Don't let anyone bring you down. 
Having the last word, is so last year.
Hard work pays off.


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

1.) love the blog name because now i get it! (after your comment telling me you love yellow and have a yellow door!) ha!
2.) obsessed with the name sawyer!

thank you for your sweet words and visiting my blog!

HitsPanicButton said...

Your potty pooping story cracked me up!! There's more to come - pun totally intended. And SJ is so into her shenanigans - I love it. xoxo