Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sawyer and I make a chocolate cake for Bompa! (out of the box of course)

The Sawyer show, she's my crazy girl and I love everything about her.  Even though she is hard and tests my patience every day, she is absolutely totally worth it!

Today was amazing, slept in.
Jake went and got coffee and McDonald's.
Mowed both yards, got some sun.
Jake weed whacked.
We laid more beauty bark.
We cleaned out the boat, Sawyer helped.
We cleaned the garage.
I pulled weeds.
Jake blew off the back porch.
Dang gardener snake, spooked me..Jake laughed...I screamed.
Five hours doing yard work....all worth it.
Dinner at brother dons....duh it's Sunday.
Seth gave me a lift on a dolly...tee hee.
Grandma gave SJ three dots, she put all of them in her mouth at once.

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