Friday, July 29, 2011

What you missed this week

1.)  photos at penny's complete....after an hour wait arriving ten mins early to a noon appt. with no nap.  let's just say Sawyer had two melt downs and mommy had one panic attack...sweat...tears from both of us...bare feet running down isles...and stroller that kept flipping on it's back (dumping the diaper bag and my purse contents on the ground) package of gold fish crackers dumped on the ground by the queen herself....a lady at the store even tried to hold sawyer (while i picked out photos) and play with her....but she kindly handed her back to me....and said sorry.  maybe that's why i kept putting off getting her 18 month photos?.....she is over 20 months time i will bring help..why can't i be more like Michelle Duggar? she is pretty much my idol and no i'm not joking. 

2.) three great garage sale finds a package deal of $5. pink converse....yellow boots and vintage pyrex...i'm pretty sure it rains these things in heaven.

2b.)  a sneak peek at a ridiculously cute pair of yellow boots...

3.)  someone burglarized our house....look at these awful photos

not really.  this is just want happens with a daddy working 6 tens a week, an almost two year old who rules the roost and a mommy who also works and who also sometimes boycotts cleaning. 

p.s. our new favorite show is monster's loves kitty and boo and scares jake and i with roars and monster claws! oh and yes i am one of those awful mothers who lets there child watch tv and eat in the living room. so sue me.  the real reason i posted my messy house is to make y'all feel better about're welcome.

4.) day at the lake with my brother and crab for delish

5.)  three new fabrics from Joann's..burlap, yellow tulle, and a sweet new print

6.)  sawyer's latest things is out stretched arms and "HUG" it is so precious

7.)  i'm going back to school people so watch out!  maybe i will eventually learn how to spell. also might become a personal trainer in the near future, that'd be pretty awesome.

8.) there were highs and low in our week...mainly highs.  but you have to have bad days to know what the good days are all about and life is too short to have a clean house people.

9.) so much to do before next week...holy heck.

10.)  oh yeah...ten year high school reunion next year....the depression has already set in...

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