Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Leg Warmers

O.M.G....I feel in love with my new sewing machine.  This was a present I received from my sweet mom for Christmas.  I only pulled it out of the box a couple days ago and never sewed a day in my life.  But I am already addicted.  I like crocheting but my hand goes numb.  So I thought I would share this easy project with you.  All you need is a sewing machine, scissors, and some socks.  Today, I went to McClendon's Hardware in Belfair, and got some more spray paint for a candle stick project that I have been working on and will post soon and I ran across some discounted socks, each pair was $2.50. 

This pair is for Miss Marin, who's first birthday party is Saturday and we are so excited to go!

Can you picture this cute babe in a white onsie and those bright colored leopard leg warmers, to die for!  We love you Miss Marin Isabel!

Sewimg machine....check!


Cut the socks across, right above the heal. Like this picture.  Are you with me so far?

Cut the heals off and then cut the toes still with me?
Then, cut the rectangular piece on the crease. 

Fold the piece inside out and line up as precisely as you can.

The piece on the left is inside out.  I'm trying to make this simple and easy. 

Now, sew about an inch in.  This is the ankle piece and needs a smaller diameter then the upper thigh piece. 

Do the same with the other piece.

Now cuff the fabric, the fabric will be face up.  Keep the seam on the outside.  Line up fabric as close as you can, straight and tidy. 

This is the tricky part...slid the long sock up from the bottom and line up fabric.  You will have three layers to sew together. 

Now sew together.  Slow and steady wins the race, people. 

I did two rounds, just because I'm paranoid and don't want them to fall apart.  Then flip up, it will be right side out.  I doesn't have to be perfect, no one sees the inside. 

Yeah, the finished project.  Hope this helps.  They are so easy and I can't wait to make more.  Since all my friends are having babies, it's a sweet gift to give.  They are the best, Sawyer wears hers all the time.  There are short versions like pictured at the top, Sawyer is wearing shorts with white tights. 

These would be cute for a boy, see the sweet little buttons I added?


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m. said...

o.k, i've tried to post a comment on this lots, but it never seems to here goes again..a short version incase it doesn't work yet again-

- i want these for me-but couldn't pull off the shorts and leggings like little Miss.Sawyer!
-you are a natural with your new machine!
-thanks for posting the tutorial...these are WAY to cute!
-i need to find some bargain socks ASAP

thanks for sharing Nat-and yes, that's the short version- i have so much love for this project!