Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, the other day I was at my grandma's and found this cool old copper bin with wooden handles in the basement.  We figured it was from Grandma Eva's house, my great Grandma, my grandpa Ed's mother.  I had the perfect place in mind.  So I brought it home, washed it with dish soap and a sponge and placed it in a special place.  This is the before, covered in cob web's and dust. 

And this is the after....clean, and sparkly.

Kind of ironic, that beautiful rich wood, covered in moss that looks so good in our new copper bin, is the same tree that fell on our house in the storm.  Jake chopped it up for me and I told him, this wood is just for looks and not to use it in a fire.

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OurSoundHome said...

Wahoo! Love it! It's really a sweet little bin, and it's special to be from your Great Grandma. I love having special things like this In our house, that I love so much and once belonged to family.