Sunday, February 20, 2011

Headband Swap

So I started following take heart blog and decided to participate in a head band swap, pretty much the greatest idea ever.  Thanks for the inspiration, Danielle.  It really was so much fun.  I bought $20 worth of headbands, got a partners info and mailed them, old school style.  And she did the same for me.  My swap partner lives all the way up North in Canada, her name is Amanda.  Check out her blog here,  for the last year she hasn't bought any new clothes, she's only thrift'd stuff.  Pretty amazing self control, if you ask me.  I got the sweetest gifts from her.  These were very thoughtful gifts.  I am so lucky to have been a part of this fantastic idea and to have met her.  See what I got...

She knows what I like....hippie style.
(Don't mind the dirty dishes in the sink)

Little Sawyer girl even got a headband. 
(Don't mind the random things on my kitchen floor.)

Thanks so much to Danielle and Amanda, my new friends. 


danielle @ take heart said...

no way! i need that headband that is upon your head! it is so awesome! and i am so happy little sawyer got a super sweet headband too! amanda did such a great job! so happy you guys played along! xoxo

Dragonbug said...

thanks so much..i had so much fun!!

m. said...

absolutely beautiful!
so happy you like, it looks AMAZING!
so much fun!