Monday, February 14, 2011

Ode to yellow..

So, we bought some yellow paint at Home Depot on Sunday and got the down low on how to paint our metal front door.  We bought paint with primer in it, it is what home depot guys recommended (BEHR, charismatic-color).  I am so excited.  Weather has been awful and we are going to need to take the door off and paint it in the garage and allow sufficient drying time.  So hopefully in the next couple weeks we will have a new front door.  Sounds pretty simple; take door off hinges, remove door knob, tape around window (green frog tape is the best), wipe door down with a wet cloth, sand if need.  Other advice was to use the smallest roller we could find.  Be patient, go slowly and allow enough drying time so the door won't stick to the frame.  So here are some pictures to give me some inspiration.   Everyone we talk to thinks we are crazy but we have a vision and can't wait for the finished product. 
Earthy, yet quaint.
Clean and Crisp.
Vintage, Cosy, Cottage.
Bold and bright.
Three houses on the same block.
Colonial and firm.
In love with this photo, I just want to step right in to those boots.
Manicured, cute.
This has Martha Stewart written all over it.
This must be the door to the dragon's keep.
Window panes, steps, stones and bricks.
Modern and fresh.
Traffic light yellow apartment elevator.
Royal blue.
Beattle juice, beetle juice...

(all thses photos were found on bing..i just searched yellow doors)