Monday, February 28, 2011

Bedroom inspiration...

     So I found some pictures while surfing the world wide web and saved them.  These have forced me inspired me to mesh my likings with husbands.  Don't tell Jake but I have been considering hanging a dead animal on the the bedroom.  However, not ready to hang one in the living room.  Baby steps, right?  Our bedroom is next on our projects to revamp.  I hope to paint soon.  My goal is by summer to have a newly decorated room.  Unfortunately, this involves buying a king size bed and new bedding.  Our first purchase together was a queen sized bed and we have already out grown it.  I can't believe we have almost been at our house two years and been sleeping in this plain room.  The bed blends into the walls I'm surprised we can even find the bed. 
This is our boring room, exact same as we moved in.  White walls, not one thing hanging.  I have five pieces of IKEA furniture.  I don't plan on getting new furniture or painting them.  I know for the night stands they have glass tops, that are dark grey but see through I thought I could put a cute fabric under them to add some spice.  I thought maybe I could add knobs, maybe, but I don't want to screw anything up.  I have an old mirror that has a black frame that was my Grandma Eva's that I plan on using.  I also have some black monogrammed letters, N and J I can use.  So I have been looking for a black rod to go over the slider.  I thought striped curtains would be cool, but I would be down for some funky pattern.  A nice funky antique chair for a corner.  This is probably the only arrangement that is functional for us.  I would also love more pictures of the family, maybe black and white.  And I was thinking some shelving, the DIY ones that everyone is making lately. 

These are some rooms I like and hope to mesh together....
The hanging light bulbs and the olive green bedding are what I love about this photo. 

I love the striped bedding with the ugly yellow color quit....maybe I like the paint color of the walls since this picture and the one above are very similar?  Even though dark paint scares me.

I like the ruffled big annoying bed skirt.  I could never do anything as brave as this. 
I want, I want, I want..

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HitsPanicButton said...

LOL... You make me laugh, Nat. I should take you to Kerri's house. Dead animals galore in her living room. She laughs about it too!! We just have long horns in our bedroom. And the dead animals are in the freezer!! Miss you, Lady!! xoxo - Irina