Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dinner time at our house...

I love when Sawyer eats her meals, especially dinner.  She starts off very neat and particular.  She will pick up spilled pieces and place them back in the dish.  Then some how, slowly results in this.  We know when she is done eating because she starts rubbing it all over her body, this happens with any meal or if she is getting tired.  She insists on feeding herself these days and we aren't really even allowed to feed her anymore, she will wave her hand and say NO.  I love our little turkey and don't want her to grow up and will miss dinner time.  I won't miss wiping down the high chair and moping the floor though.

This is our dinner.  Delicious cheeseburger with bacon, and avocado. 

I love it when daddy makes Sawyer's crib.  This is one thing I noticed that Jake enjoys and does often.  He will just sneak into her room at random times, lay her blankets out, place her babies neatly in their places.  He even fluffs her pillow a little.  This pretty much makes me melt and is the one of the many reasons I married him.  I've never ever even asked him to perform this task.  So I took a picture so I will never forget. 

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